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03 take me back

WRITTEN BY Jane Marlow
DIRECTED BY Jane Marlow & Nick Swannell
PRODUCED BY Virginia Orr
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Catfish Shorts - 20

Best Cinematography

Jackie Teboul

Best Editing - London Independent Film A

Best  Editing

Nick Swannell

When SOPHIE is mugged on the street, she asks old friend and hypnotherapist, ANN, to help her recall the identity of the person who stole her bag. But for Sophie, undergoing hypnosis isn't just about identifying the mugger, it's an opportunity to go back and re-examine her relationship with her long-term partner, VANESSA, which is falling apart. As Sophie goes deeper, the session gets out of control. The mugger starts rampaging through her memories with chilling consequences.

 Watch Take Me Back on LESFLICKS, an VOD platform dedicated to streaming content for gay and bisexual women.

Take Me Back Trailer

Take Me Back Trailer

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